martes, 4 de febrero de 2014

Borja y Borja (B&B) Law Firm - Consultants is one of the main law firm-consultants in Ecuador.
The lawyers in B&B, count with a solid knowledge and expertise in legal matters, which has allowed to constitute a wide legal service structure. Byb serves with professionalism, knowledge, commitment and ethics to the whole society. 
Back in 1952, the jurist Ramiro Borja y Borja, who was considered the major constitutionalist not only in Ecuador, buy also in other countries in Latin America and Europe, as Argentina, Chile and Spain; decided to put at the society’s service, Borja & Borja Law Fim - Consultants. 
Experts in Administrative Law, Constitutional Law, Energy, Environmental Law, International Law, Litigations, Mining, Natural Resourses, Oil and Gas